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KPA Operates on NSW (AEDT) Time


Got questions? We have put together some handy FAQ’s for you. If you still can’t find the answer to your question below, get in touch with our office and the team will be more than happy to help you out.


What is the parent portal?
The parent portal is a fantastic feature where you can enrol, book a trial, make payments and much more. Click here to access the portal 
If you’ve created an account but forgotten your password, use the ‘Forgot your password?’ button to reset.
Why can’t I select any classes in the portal?
If you cannot select classes for your child to enrol into it may be due to one of the following reasons:

  1. The system requires you to complete Auto Pay registration before progressing to the class selection step of enrolment. You can find the Auto Pay set up in the portal by following these steps. Home > Account Settings > Automatic Payments. Click here to Find out more about Auto Pay.

  2. The system requires all previous years fees to be paid before it will allow students to enrol in a new year. To view your account balance and make payment head over to the ‘Pay online’ section of the parent portal.

Why can’t I see the right classes in the portal?
The classes shown for each student are tailored to their age and gender. If you can’t see the right classes, go back and double check you’ve entered your child’s birth date and gender correctly.


Which age group is right for me?
We establish age groups based on the age a student was on January 1st of the current year. For example, if a student is 10 on January 1st and will be turning 11 later in the year, we would place that student into our 10’s age group.

The class I wanted is full, what now?

Sometimes this happens. What you can do is add yourself onto the waiting list for the class in the parent portal and if a place becomes available our team will be in touch.


I’ve made a mistake in enrolment; how do I fix it?

We all make mistakes, don’t stress. These can easily be fixed by getting in touch with our team at the office, they will happily take a look and fix up the issue. 

Can I book a trial before enrolling?

Yes, you can book an obligation free trial class online in the parent portal. Please keep in mind however that booking a trial does not secure a place in the class, only enrolling secures your place.

Do I need to re-enrol each term?

No, when you enrol you're enrolling for the remainder of the year. If a student is continuing on their enrolment from the previous term there is no action required by you. We try to keep things as simple as possible for our families by rolling over enrolments each term. The only times you’ll need to get in touch regarding enrolment is to remove a class, swap a class or add a new class to enrolment.


What is the difference between an eisteddfod class and other non-eisteddfod classes?

Eisteddfod classes have more performance opportunities and rehearsals throughout the year. These include competing at three to four eisteddfods in the tweed region, performing at both our Junior and Senior shows in the end of year concert and community events we are invited to throughout the year e.g. Christmas Carols.

Eisteddfod classes have an audition and selection process, these auditions have two purposes:

  • Firstly, to keep our classes at a reasonable size, we have lots of interest in these classes and although we’d love to have everyone, we  have a process in place so the classes are capped at a suitable size.

  • Second, is that we do require a higher level of commitment and work ethic from our eisteddfod classes.  We want to work at a level where they will be challenged and have the attitude of hard work. The auditions help us to identify dancers who are ready for that and to provide feedback to help those who aren’t quite ready, to get there.


The requirements for eisteddfod classes are that all students must take one Ballet class (with the exception of boys) and a minimum of two other eisteddfod classes a week. There is a $85 fee charged to all eisteddfod students to cover eisteddfod competitors passes and entry fees.


All our other  non eisteddfod classes do not have an audition and selection process, nor do they have minimum class load or skill requirements. These classes perform at one show in our end of year concert.

We are an inclusive dance school and value all our students no matter what class they take. We aim for all our classes to be of the highest quality, we want to provide the highest standard possible in an encouraging, nurturing and loving environment no matter if you do one class or many.

Can I enrol into an eisteddfod class if I haven’t auditioned or danced with KPA before?

We have all potential eisteddfod class students take our non-eisteddfod classes first, allowing our teachers to asses if a student is eligible for our eisteddfod groups. If you're interested in taking our eisteddfod classes please speak with a teacher in class. 




Is there a Uniform?

Yes, It is a requirement for all students to wear the Kingscliff Performing Arts uniform to class, all uniform items are available from Divine Dance Tweed.
The standard KPA uniform includes a Kingscliff Performing Arts singlet, black dance pants and required shoes.
Required shoes are:
•    Jazz & Musical Theatre - black Jazz shoes
•    Contemporary & Acrobatics - bare feet or toe thongs
•    Hip Hop - sneakers


Ballet Uniform:

•    Ballet shoes

•    Pink Ballet tights

•    Leotard (5's, 6's, 7's, 8's and 9's Ballet can wear either a pink or black leotard. Black Leotard is required for 11's, 12 & 13's and Senior Ballet.)

•    Hair must be in a neat bun

What do I wear to a trial?

We don't expect potential students to have our uniform for their trial class. A plain t-shirt or singlet, black dance pants or tights and bare feet will do just fine for your trial. Just make sure it is something they're comfortable to move in.



What is Auto Pay?
Auto Pay is the new direct debit service KPA uses. Enrolling in Auto Pay authorises KPA to withdraw tuition, costume and eisteddfod fees on a strict schedule (we will only charge your account on these dates).
What is the Auto Pay schedule?
If there is an owing balance on your account, the following schedule will be processed.

  • 50% of your balance will be processed via Auto Pay on Wednesday week two of each term.

  • Remaining  balance  will be processed via Auto Pay on Wednesday week four of each term.

  • Eisteddfod class costume fees will be processed via Auto Pay on Wednesday 18th March.

  • All other class costume fees will be processed via Auto Pay with term 3 tuition fees.

You can see the exact dates in our calendar on the parent portal, just follow these steps. Home > Calendar > Google Calendar
Do I have to register for Auto Pay?
Yes, registering for Auto Pay is a mandatory step in the enrolment process. The Auto Pay system ensures that fees are paid on time. When fees are paid on time it ensures that hall rental, teacher wages, concert costs and insurances can all be covered.
Can I avoid the Auto Pay fee? 
Yes, you can avoid the 2.75% convenience fee by paying  fees up front and in full before the first Auto Pay scheduled payment is due. Keep in mind however, as long and there is a remaining balance the Auto Pay schedule will be processed on your account.


I've lost my card / it has expired, how do I enter my new card details for Auto Pay? 

You can simply and easily update your registered  credit/debit card details in the parent portal by following these steps. Home > Account Settings > Automatic Payments > Enter New Card
Can I pay for the term fees upfront and in full to avoid Auto Pay?
Yes, you can do so before the first Auto Pay scheduled payment is processed by using the ‘Pay online’ section of the parent portal.
I want to pay online but have $0 owing?
Don’t stress, until our team applies the fees to your account it will display as $0 owing. Once our team applies these fees shortly after enrolment they will send you an account summary via email. Once you receive this account summary you can jump onto the portal and start making payments.
Can I Auto Pay using bank account details?
Not yet, the creators of our enrolment platform are working on allowing online payments and Auto Pay registration with bank account details, as soon as this is feature is added we will make it available to you.


Can I Pay Online using bank account details?

Yes, you can use a Paypal account to make payments with the 'Pay Online' feature of the portal. A Paypal account allows you to make online transactions with a bank account. 
Can I pay in cash?
No, we do not accept cash payments as we do not hold cash on the premises. All payments must be tracked and processed through parent portal system, making sure every payment is applied to the correct account.


Do you accept Active and Creative Kids vouchers?

Yes, KPA is a registered Active and Creative Kids provider! If you would like to redeem your voucher with us please enter your voucher details into this form. Once your child's voucher has been cleared with Service NSW we will credit the students account. If the voucher is more than your current balance, the credit will also be applied to future term/costume fees. No refunds will be issued.




Is there a KPA calendar?
If you LOVE setting out your calendar for the year, this is for you. You can find the KPA calendar in the parent portal with all the term dates, payment schedule, concert dates and more!